The Corozal Beekeeping Project – Working with Bees to Save the Reefs!

A millenary occupation flourishes as an alternative livelihood project in one of the newest tourism hotspots in the Caribbean. The place is Roatan, in the north coast of Honduras in an island archipelago known as the Bay Islands. The goal – to find an alternative livelihood for specific rural communities that have traditionally relied on … Continue reading The Corozal Beekeeping Project – Working with Bees to Save the Reefs!


Rolling with the Emeraldi Club in Oak Ridge

The seaside towns of Oak Ridge and Jonesville are not the first places that come to mind when you think travel and tourism in Roatan. For those who have not ventured that far east, you should know that these quaint little fishing communities boast some of the most unique and attractive scenery you can find … Continue reading Rolling with the Emeraldi Club in Oak Ridge

Sherman’s Conservation March To The Sea

Nothing embodies conservation better than a group of endangered species frolicking freely within their natural habitat, seemingly without a care in the world. This applies to Arch’s Iguana and Marine Park as well as Lobster City, safe havens on land and on water, for highly exploited and sought after animal species in the island of … Continue reading Sherman’s Conservation March To The Sea

Hogs, Pelicans, and Roatan Banks!

Moving away from the environmental initiatives, at least for a little while, we now shift our attention to a different element of Roatan’s geographical nature. This entry will take you to two of the most pristine and remote areas in all of the Bay Islands, and quite possibly two of the most beautiful natural attractions … Continue reading Hogs, Pelicans, and Roatan Banks!


BICA which stands for the Bay Islands Conservation Association is the oldest protection and conservation nonprofit organization in and around the Bay Islands. Founded in 1990 in Coxen Hole, Roatan, BICA has the privilege of being the first established conservation organization on the islands, focusing much of its environmental efforts in the protection of the … Continue reading BICA – MAKING CONNECTIVITY EASIER.

Saving the Hawksbill Turtle

Already popular amongst the well traveled scuba diving aficionados, it is not surprising to find Roatan as the topic of conversation in more than a few scuba diving forums, as it boasts some of the best diving the Mesoamerican Reef has to offer. With amazing visibility, vibrant coral reefs, and an abundance of tropical fish, … Continue reading Saving the Hawksbill Turtle

5 Signs of a Sustainable Dive Shop

Experiencing the underwater world and seeing marine wildlife up close is truly an amazing experience. Sadly research shows that 40% of the world’s oceans have been strongly affected by human activity while 70% of the world’s reefs have been threatened or destroyed. However, the dive industry relies on the beauty and well being of the … Continue reading 5 Signs of a Sustainable Dive Shop