The Corozal Beekeeping Project – Working with Bees to Save the Reefs!

A millenary occupation flourishes as an alternative livelihood project in one of the newest tourism hotspots in the Caribbean. The place is Roatan, in the north coast of Honduras in an island archipelago known as the Bay Islands. The goal – to find an alternative livelihood for specific rural communities that have traditionally relied on … Continue reading The Corozal Beekeeping Project – Working with Bees to Save the Reefs!


Fly Away To Pigeon Cays

Whenever one dreams about flying away to an exotic vacation spot, the image that most frequently comes to mind has to be that of a tiny little island lost at sea, with a lonesome palm tree growing on powdered white sand, enveloped by calm blue waters as far as the eye can see. Don’t tell … Continue reading Fly Away To Pigeon Cays

Rolling with the Emeraldi Club in Oak Ridge

The seaside towns of Oak Ridge and Jonesville are not the first places that come to mind when you think travel and tourism in Roatan. For those who have not ventured that far east, you should know that these quaint little fishing communities boast some of the most unique and attractive scenery you can find … Continue reading Rolling with the Emeraldi Club in Oak Ridge

BICA – Making Connectivity Easier.

BICA which stands for the Bay Islands Conservation Association is the oldest protection and conservation nonprofit organization in and around the Bay Islands. Founded in 1990 in Coxen Hole, Roatan, BICA has the privilege of being the first established conservation organization on the islands, focusing much of its environmental efforts in the protection of the … Continue reading BICA – Making Connectivity Easier.

BICCU – Recycling & Art Mixed Into One

As if cleaning the beaches of the Bay Islands wasn't enough, the folks from the Bay Islands Coastal Cleanup (BICCU) organized a Recycled Art Workshop during the first week of September, where they hired the services of two Honduran artisans who set up a vigorous art class with a heavy dose of environmental responsibility. Their … Continue reading BICCU – Recycling & Art Mixed Into One

Roatán – Historical & Cultural Experiences!

Roatán is a colorful mixture of people, languages, and culture. Long before Columbus set foot in Roatán’s neighboring Bay Islands in 1502, it was home to the Mayan Indians whose culture goes back a thousand years. The Spanish colonized the island, enslaving many of the indigenous residents in mineral rich mines in mainland Honduras. In … Continue reading Roatán – Historical & Cultural Experiences!

Community Tourism in Roatán

Interested in an adventure beyond the gorgeous beaches, happening nightlife, and fabulous diving found Roatán? Engage with the local culture by visiting some of the stores, communities, and artisans found on the Discover Places map. The Garifuna that settled in Roatán in the mid-nineteenth century have a strong and vivacious culture that beckons to travelers … Continue reading Community Tourism in Roatán